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Roughly Six Weeks Out of Cardiac ICU - A Perspective on Life

Today, I looked in the mirror and was really happy to be alive!!!  I took all my meds that they tell me I will be on for the rest of my life, and I took inventory of all the bruises I have as a result of being on Effiant - a very strong blood thinner they needed to help dissolve the clot as they couldn't do a stent in my artery at the time.  Am hoping noone thinks my husband beat me LOL!!

One thing I have realized as an escapee from the ICU is that our life here on earth is an incredible gift.  If we get too caught up in the day-to-day and forget to live in the moment, we miss millions of synchronistic messages that our creator has sent to us - as well as the beautiful spring lilacs, the love our dogs have for us, the affectionate kiss from our spouse, and the precious moments spent with our aging parents.   When it all comes to an end, if we don't slow down and pay attention - we will exit this planet with a vague sense of having missed some momentous - like what was REALLY important in our daily lives. 

So many of us spend our lives in profound anticipation of something really grand happening - so much so that we miss ALL that is truly grand happening every day around us.  This morning - I smelled my lilac bushes, took the time to walk through my garden to see the new plants emerge, and enjoyed every interaction with all of my amazing coworkers and family members.  Two months ago, I couldn't have said the same.

What is great about your life?  What day to day miracles are you missing?  Wake up - smell the flowers, pet your animals and kiss your spouse before it is too late....





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